What We Do

Ultimately, we want to bring our clients domestic and commercial garden designs that will be enjoyed for years to come!

Meeting and Consultation

The initial meeting is free of charge and gives the client a clear understanding of the process to follow. At this stage, our designers develop a 'feel' for the project and an idea of budget - it also affords the client an opportunity to decide if they want to work with us. After the initial meeting a more detailed consultation is carried out. This highlights the client’s specific requirements for the space to be designed.

"We look at the clients personal preferences, discuss use of space, initial design concepts and materials"

meeting and consultation

Site Survey and Design

The site survey may be simple - just a measurement of key dimensions and a quick note of aspect. Alternatively, a detailed site survey showing types and position of existing plants, prevailing wind direction, patterns of sunshine and shade, soil structure etc. may be required. Once all the information has been gathered we can begin to sketch ideas on paper; we also present the client with material samples. These ideas and materials are refined until a final design is agreed.

"As our design and implementation teams work together efficiently, we are best placed to take the design from paper to reality"

site survey and design


At this stage we consider it important to keep open all lines of communication between client, designer and our build team. This ensures that the installation process runs smoothly.

PREPARATION - During this period the site is prepared for the new garden to be placed within it. The garden is set out and presented to the client on the ground for final confirmation.

HARD AND SOFT LANDSCAPING - This is the exciting bit when all the materials are delivered to site and the design begins to take shape. Soft landscaping (planting) is usually the last stage.

"The job is only as good as the tidying up, we like to leave your garden in its best possible state."